Projects under development


An integrated farm management system targeted at rural and industrial breeders and producers, built around a case study by the leading European authorities in the field.


A screw driven high precision stand for artificial insemination of queen bees with magnetic click-on syringes and digital microscope image sharing.


An Integrated solution for Enterprise Content Management system for optimising the document flow, managing archiving, information integrity and persistence.

About us

What we are about

Graphware Ltd. is a startup IT company established in early 2015. The main business activity of the company is design and development of Cloud based integrated management systems in the agricultural and healthcare sectors. Currently the company is a beneficiary of two projects under FP7 in the Agrifood and eHealth sectors. Our development team is well versed and experienced in software architecture, low level and high level programming, as well as system implementation.


The co-founding professionals behind the company
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Stoyan Stoyanov

With upwards of 15 years of IT experience being part of a number of projects on developing, implementing and migrating various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS (Warehouse Management System) and BMS (Building Management System). Stoyan has valuable experience in a diversified international corporate environment and has a good insight on how things work.
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Georgi Georgiev

With more than 10 years in the software development business, Georgi has a strong knowledge in software architecture and development. Starting as a game and multimedia developer, he has grown to Head of department, where his main responsibilities are researching the latest technologies and integrating them in the work process and team development.